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Proceedings – ICONICS – International Conference on Islamic Studies 2018


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Conference Proceeding of International Conference on Islamic Studies is peer reviewed internationally recognized scholarly proceeding first published by Faculty of Islamic Studies University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta in cooperation with UM Jakarta Press. The proceeding is resulted from International Conference on Islamic Studies or ICONICS which is a biennial conference organized by Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The conference aims to spreading research findings, ideas and innovation that will enrich an islamic studies discipline.  Research finding, ideas and opinions expressed in papers herein, wheter signed or unsigned, do not necessarily represent the views of the editors, board of advisers, board of directors, committees, faculty member or institution.

First published by UM Jakarta Press
Jakarta, 2018

ISBN : 978-602-52447-6-6

Copyright © 2018 by Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta. All right reserved. No part of this publication is allowed to copying, duplicating or transmitting in any other form by any means without prior permission to the faculty.

Conference web site: https://iconics2018.fai.umj.ac.id

This publication is available online from: https://iconics2018.fai.umj.ac.id/proceeding
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This work licensed under creative commons


The Media Da’wa Strategy for the Development of a Madani Society: a Search for a Communication Format for Islam
by Andi Faisal Bakti

The Integration of Implementing Islamic Education and Technology Via Digital Approach
by Maimun Aqsha Lubis, Mohd Sham Kamis

Islamic Ethics Guiding Self Reliance In The Media And Communication Profession
by Ahmed Abdul Malik

Electronic Money And Information-Technology-Based Financial Service According To Sharia Principles
by Fathurrahman Djamil

Management Performance and Leadership In The Perspective of Islamic Education
by Iswan, Herwina

Spirituality And Secularity: Looking For Integration Format Science For Construction Of Islamic Education Curriculum
by Zailani

Review on the Geo-economic Value of Maritime Nation in the Digital Age for Indonesia Affluence Implied by Qur’an’s Oceanic Verses
by Agus S. Djamil, Mukhaer Pakkana

Dakwah Melalui New Media: Sebuah Peluang dan Tantangan
by Muhamad Hizbullah

Kontroversi BPJS Kesehatan Dalam Tinjauan Fatwa Ulama
by Sopa

The Contribution of Co-Curricular Activities in Developing Students’ Soft Skills and Islamic Personality: A study of IIUM Undergraduates
by Noviana Mustapa

Overview Meaningfulness of Life of A Single Mother In Moslem
by Nurwahidin

Agricultural Management Strategy: An Islamic Perspective
by Yeni Kusumawati, Tengku Harunur Rasyid

Menggali Penyelesaian Pembiayaan Bermasalah di Bank Muamalat Indonesia Serta Pengaruhnya Terhadap Penurunan Tingkat Non Performing Financing (NPF) yang Berdampak pada Reputasi Bank Muamalat Indonesia
by Nur Melinda Lestari, Setiawati

Transformasi Upacara Adat Mappogau Sihanua sebagai Media Dakwah Kultural di Masyarakat Karampuang Sinjai
by Umar

Takhayyur Sebagai Metodologi Dalam Fikih Wakaf di Indonesia
by Risdianto

Plagiarisme Dalam Perspektif Hukum Islam
by Usman Alfarisi

Dinamika Islam di Asia Tenggara; Antara Muslim Mayoritas dan Minoritas
by Adlan Fauzi Lubis

Shaping Islamic Identity Through The Learning Of Arabic; A Theoretical Overview
by Isral Naska

Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability on Students’ Speaking Ability Through Flipped Classroom
by Reflianto, Farida Ariani, Nora Afnita

Positive Islamic Psychology: A Transcendent Model To Achieve Peace, Happiness And Success In The 21st Century
by Muhammad al-Mahdi Jenkins, Abdul Aziz Azimullah

The Concept and Approach of Negara Zikir In Brunei Darussalam In Digital Era: An Overview
by Ummi Fai’zah binti Hj Abdul Rahman

Social And Political Dynamics In The Formation Of Islamic Inheritance Law (Historical Study of the Law of Inheritance of the First Period Until the Perfection of Islamic Law)
by N. Oneng Nurul Bariyah

Innovation of E-Ticketing System In EMU Jabodetabek Services by PT. Kereta Commuter Indonesia and Islamic Perspective on Innovation
by Jajang Kurnia, Retnowati WD Tuti

Analisis Inovasi Pelayanan Publik Berbasis Aplikasi Tangerang Live Di Kota Tangerang
by Wahyu Hidayat, Retnowati WD Tuti